20 years Sales & Marketing background and over 15 years of combined design & content experience


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Business Team

Welcome to Digital Pitch


We create content and set up channels to your online marketplace

We help people and businesses make their online pitch. Building websites and formulating digital strategy. I also coach and mentor online influencers and people that are an authority in their field.

I am lecturer and educator on Digital Marketing and have worked with Griffith College and Dublin Business School.

At digital Pitch we will help you and your business grab attention on the internet. We help business sell online. E-commerce and digital marketing is at the heart of our business and trading online and doing more business is our goal.

I'm am looking for clients that want to be an authority in their own field.

A person that wants to build their personal brand. Become a personality in their professional life and get attention for their brand, business or profession.

People that will do a regular video blogs, have a website and several social media channels with an understanding of the work involved to achieve their online goals.

Building  followers, like minded professionals or people with an interest in their field of expertise.

Ultimately to leverage followers, become an Influencer and monetise their online channels.

Turning clicks, likes, follows into customers.

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